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Our DESIGNER DOG T-SHIRTS have made us famous in DOG CLOTHES and ACCESSORIES. Now we have added colorful RIBBON DOG COLLARS with matching Hair Clips and embroidered DOG SUN VISORS. Bling DOG JEWELRY has become the hottest fashion item in DOG ACCESSORIES with crystal and pearl Dog necklaces, collars, charms and hairclips leading the fashion DOG JEWELRY trend . We have been making DOG GOGGLESfor doggie eye protection and now we have added DOG SUN VISORS as functional, fun wear.

When Miss Muffy and I first started our Dog Clothes business 10 years ago we only made Novelty Dog T-Shirts. Now we have added to the collection of Dog Clothes and Accessories , Designer Dog Collars, Fancy Dog Collars which are very colorful, embellished Ribbon Dog Collars with matching hair clips. Crystal Dog Necklaces, Dog Sun Visors, and other fun Dog Accessories.

Miss Muffy and I first started our Designer Dog T-Shirt business out of necessity. Miss Muffy was always cold and she needed a little something to wear around the house to keep her warm. It was chilly in the winter and even chillier in summer air conditioning. So, to keep her warm when a Dog Sweater was just too heavy, we started making Novelty Dog T-shirt in cotton which provided year round comfy, casual wear for your Dog indoors and out. It was very important that our Dog Clothes be of the finest quality construction, fabrication and fit. After all, these Dog Clothes and Accessories are for our "Fur Baby’s.”

We recently added Fancy Dog Collars which are made in the form of Ribbon Dog Collars that are very festive, fluffy, fun collars made out of colorful assorted ribbons. They have become the latest fashion item in neckwear in Dog Accessories . There is a Ribbon Dog Collar to fit every Dogs personality and occasion. Our Fancy Dog Collars are a must have for Christmas and Halloween. We also have other fun designs like Heart Me, Barktoria Secret Sheer, Star Bright and Pretty in Pink Lace in our Fancy Dog Collar collection.

We now have Bling Dog Jewelry in dog necklaces, dog collars, dog hairclips and dog charms in crystal and pearl. Sophisticated, bling bling for your fur baby to match your exquisite taste. These jewels are a favorite with Dogs and their people because they look great and show your Dog has that fashion flare.

We later realized that there was a necessity to add other things to the line that Muffy needed for her comfort, convenience and to show off her fashion flare. So we also added to our Novelty Dog T-shirt collection Designer Dog T-shirts, a line of Designer Dog Collars, Dog Sun Visors, Dog Goggles, Dog Carriers, Dog Strollers, Dog Beds, Dog Furniture,and fun Dog Accessories.

Our high quality Dog Goggles come in various colors to protect Fur Baby’s eyes from UV Rays (which cause cataracts), dust and debris. We have now added Dog Sun Visors as another form of protection from the sun. Our Dog Visors are great in that they are easy fit and easy wear Dog Hats. When your Dog refuses to wear Goggles to protect his eyes against cataracts a Dog Sun Visor or Dog Hat might just be the solution your looking for. A Dog Visor is real cute too.

Bling Dog Accessories are in, and if you’re looking for a Designer Dog Collar then we have the most elegant and unique of rhinestones and Fancy Dog Collars for the discerning canine with distinguished taste. Diamonds are a Dogs Best Friend, especially when it’s a bad hair day and you need to put on the Ritz. Beauty and Bling for the hair in sparkling Dog Accessories.

As CEO, Muffy is a traveling dog and she makes her way through the crowd in the most fashionable of Dog Carriers and Dog Strollers. Best way to get a left. Yes, the Fur Baby doesn't have to get around on all fours anymore. Their people will carry them in the latest, most fashionable of Dog Carriers and Dog Strollers.

We have a very fashionable home; so we needed Muffy's Dog Furniture, Dog Beds and Dog Crates to fit in with the décor. No more hiding her stuff out of the way. Now she is up front and center and blends right in with the rest of the household.

Check out all of our Dog Clothes and Accessories. You will need Dog Sun Visors or Dog Hats for your Dogs eye protection. You will smile at our Fancy Dog Collars, Novelty Dog T-shirts and the Bling Dog Accessories. You will have fun with the Designer Dog T-shirts, Ribbon Dog Collars with coordinating Flower Hair Clips and all the chic Designer Dog Collars.

If you have a store you will be happy to know that we manufacture and sell Wholesale Dog Clothes and Accessories. We have our Wholesale Dog Sun Visors, Wholesale Ribbon Collars and Bling Bling Pearl Wholesale Dog Jewelry and Charms.


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